Terrace Gardening


Terrace Gardening

Are you tired of being in a concrete jungle and just need a fresh whiff of air every now and then? Then you must opt for terrace gardening. You can grow exquisite plants on your terrace. It is a very soothing and holistic activity where you nurture; watch little seeds grow into plants.

The procedure we follow

Depending on the size of your balcony, the number of plants that can be grown will differ. You can start out by growing a single plant and them adding more plants to your collection. You can get all the supplies that are required from Farm19, and develop your own little garden.


The nature of our future depends upon the future of our nature. Hence we must cherish and try our level best to make the most out of what we have. Terrace Gardening is the perfect way to get closer to our mother nature at our own comfort.


Green is a color known to promote peace and prosperity. In this sedentary lifestyle era we need to be around green a lot more and terrace gardening can help you to get closer and keep your equilibrium intact. Green just screams gorgeous


With increase in pollution these days, it’s hard to find space to breathe clean. Let your terrace be the place to find your peace and tranquility. Plants just have that magic to uplift a dull day and give us a reason to smile when we watch them grow


Watching something grow and bloom just be at its fullest is so enticing and captivating. You can watch over those little seeds germinate and grow into a beautiful plant. One thing that plants teach us is to grow no matter what