Balcony Gardening


Balcony Gardening

If you are fond of growing plants and don't know where to grow them, then we have a solution for you! Grow gorgeous plants in your balcony! This is a great alternative as many apartments have a balcony and you can grow herbs and shrubs which will not require a lot of maintenance.

The steps we follow

Depending on the size of your balcony, the number of plants that can be grown will differ. You can start out by growing a single plant and them adding more plants to your collection. You can get all the supplies that are required from Farm19, and develop your own little garden.


Balconies provide an exquisite view and only plants can make it more beautiful. Looking at green leaves which are fresh induces positivity and serenity. One must stay connected to nature as much as possible so that you do not forgot your own roots


Let plants be the little ornaments to your exquisite view from your balcony. Little emeralds shining as the daylight hits the dew on the leaves will leave you astounded. Nothing can captivate you more than the tinge of green that plants add to your balcony


Everyone enjoys sunsets and a cup of their preferred beverage. Make your little ‘ME TIME’ worthwhile before you resume back to your responsibilities and finish all your incomplete work. Give yourself a beautiful break in the day so that you can rebound with the same energy


Nature teaches us a lot of lessons like perseverance and also reminds us of the limitless possibilities and growth. Getting reminded everyday by nature is such a beautiful thing that a person can experience. You can walk into the arms of nature just by walking into your balcony