Organic Farming


Organic Farming

If you are planning for organic farming on a large scale, it requires a lot of planning. The same kind of crops cannot be grown and there are crop cycles that one must follow. Farm19 has a group of excellent planners and designers who can help you start the journey of organic farming.

Different plants need different types of soil to grow and you will be given a list of plants that can be grown. After each cycle, the soil is reassessed and different set of crops are recommended. You can purchase all the tools and supplies from farm19

Benefits of Organic Farming

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One good thing about organic farming is that it aims at minimum wastage and keeping industry grade chemicals at bay. Organic farming is clean and the safest farming method. Organic farming ensures that you do not disturb the root of the nature by adding toxic chemicals


Organic food is been given extreme importance these days. Organic food is priced higher because of the amount of work that goes behind growing the crop. Organic farming can generate great source of income while being extremely clean method of farming


Organic farming does not require any additives, fillers or chemicals. Even the pesticides that are used are made up of natural ingredients which make it the most sustainable method of farming. It helps in maintaining the ecological balance


Since you are avoiding all the junk, the soil will be fertile for long. All natural methods ensure that you are not disturbing the soil or the organisms that live in the soil and co-exist with your plants. Organic farming is sustainable as well as a clean option to choose